Rodney playing instrument


With Friends | As Frontman or Co-Lead


  • Baroque Junko Onishi (Verve Music Group)
  • Maureen Choi Quartet (Maureen/Choi Music)


  • Kamau Charles Sullivan (Arabesque Recordings)


  • Work To Do Carl Allen/Rodney Whitaker (Mack Avenue Records)
  • Brand New Alex Graham (Origin Records)


  • Get Ready Carl Allen/Rodney Whitaker  (Mack Avenue Records)


  • Here Eric Reed (Max Jazz)
  • Shades of Green Ron DiSalvio w/Jimmy Cobb (Label N/A)
  • World Trade Music Francisco Catlett-Mora (Label N/A)


  • Sphere Rick Roe (Unknown Records)
  • The Good Life Alex Graham (Origin Arts Records)


  • Winter Moon Rodney Whitaker (Sirocco Jazz Ltd.)
  • Let Me Tell You About My Day Alan Jones
  • Unforgivable Blackness (DVD) Wynton Marsalis, Ken Burns


  • All Rise Wynton Marsalis (Sony)
  • Penns Landing Clarence Penn (Criss Cross)
  • Dameronia Donald Walden & The Detroit Jazz Orchestra (Jazz Works)
  • Louis Armstrong’s Jazz Curriculum CD Series Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra (Warner Bros.)
  • Introducing:  Peter Baits Peter Baits (Criss Cross)
  • We Got It Matt Ray
  • E-Bop Eric Reed (Savant)
  • Joyride Wycliffe Gordon (Nagel/Heyer)
  • Flow – Craig Handy (Sirrocco Jazz)
  • Third Floor – Professors of Jazz @ MSU (MSU Jazz)
  • Freewheelin’ Jazz Compilation (Arkadia)
  • Hip Bop Essence All Star (Hip Bop)
  • Soul Trinity-Volume One Frederick Sanders (FreSan)


  • Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow Rodney Whitaker (Sirrocco Jazz)
  • Play Penn Clarence Penn Quintet (Criss Cross)
  • Introducing Peter Baits Peter Baits (Criss Cross)
  • Introducing Milt Grayson Milt Grayson
  • All Rise Wynton Marsalis (Sony)


  • Live @ Blue Note Jaz Sawyer & Irvin Mayfield (Half Note)
  • Uptown Lowdown “A Salute to D” Nagel-Heyer All Stars (Nagel-Heyer)
  • Thank you, Joe & Arkadia Jazz All-Stars (Arkadia Jazz)
  • Watch What You’re Doin’ Herlin Riley (Criss Cross)
  • Sweet Release Wynton Marsalis (Sony)
  • Reflections & Change Craig Handy (Sirocco Jazz)
  • Flow Craig Handy (Sirocco Jazz)
  • A Portrait of Kevin Mahogany Kevin Mahogany (Warner Bros.)
  • Hymn for Roscoe Mitchell Stephen Rush Quartet
  • Olive Tree Walter Blanding (Criss Cross)


  • Bluestone Joh Yamada (Alfa)
  • Slidin’ Home Wycliffe Gordon (Nagel-Heyer)
  • Live From Swing City Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra (Sony)
  • Big Train Wynton Marsalis (Sony)
  • Marciac Suite Wynton Marsalis (Sony)
  • Grown Fold Bizness Orin Evans (Criss Cross)
  • To Those We Love So Dearly Victor Goines (Rosemary Joseph)
  • Double Duke Joe Temperely (Naxos)
  • The Search Wycliffe Gordon (Nagel-Heyer)
  • A Tribute to Joe Henderson Jazz All Stars (Arcadia)


  • Collected Roy Hargrove (Roy Hargrove/Verve)
  • Collected Antonio Hart Antonio Hart (Novus-BMG)
  • Foresight Foresight (N2K)
  • Introducing Orin Evans Orin Evans (Criss Cross)
  • Dennis Jeter Dennis Jeter (Jeter Productions)
  • Francisco Mora Francisco Mora (Community)
  • Captain Black Orin Evans (Criss Cross)
  • Focusing The Vision Vincent York (Vincent York)
  • Andrew Speight Quartet Andrew Speight (ABC/EMI)
  • A Mingus & A Monk Among Us Donald Walden (Jazz Works)


  • Tenor Time Joe Lovano (Blue Note)
  • Jackie Mac’s Bag Milan Simich (Hip Bop)


  • Collage Keith Saxton (Kevin Hole/Schoolkids Records)
  • Pursuance The Music of John Coltrane (Kenny Garrett/Warner Bros.)
  • Kevin, Mahogany Kevin Mahogany (Warner Bros.)
  • A Grand Encounter (Dianne Reeves/Blue Note)
  • The Change Over Rick Roe (Unknown Records, Inc.)
  • Wholly Cat’s Russell Malone (Venus)
  • Live @ The Kerry Town Concert Hall Phil Lasley
  • Kamal Kamal Sullivan (Arabques)
  • Penn’s Landing Clarence Penn (Criss Cross)


  • Roy Hargrove & Friends Roy Hargrove (Verve-Polygram)
  • The Swing & I Eric Reed (Mo Jazz)
  • Chicago, New York, Paris Johnny Griffin (Verve-Polygram)
  • Family Roy Hargrove (Verve)
  • Piano Quintet Suite Junko Onishi (Blue Note)
  • My Generation Teodross Avery (Impulse)


  • True Blue Mark Whitfield (Verve-Polygram)
  • Monk’s Modern Music Rick Roe (Unknown Records Inc.)
  • With The Tenors of Our Time Roy Hargrove (Verve-Polygram)
  • Approaching Standards Roy Hargrove (BMG-Novus)


  • It’s All Right To Swing Eric Reed/Wynton Marsalis (Mo Jazz)
  • Crusin’ Junko Onishi (EMI)
  • Jmukai Quintet, Mukai (EMI)


  • Of Kindred Souls Roy Hargrove (RCA-Novus)
  • A Portrait of You Donald Walden (Jazz Works)
  • Vibe Roy Hargrove (RCA-Novus)


  • Simply Stated Terence Blanchard (Sony-CBS)
  • Don’t You Know I Care Antonio Hart (RCA-Novus)
  • The Old & The New Shawn “Thunder” Wallace/MiJaWa


  • Terence Blanchard Terence Blanchard/Branford Marsalis (Sony-CBS)


  • Mora Francisco Mora (AACE)
  • Wait Broke The Wagon Down Wendell Harrison (Wenha)